AMPHI has been working in the medical market since 1994. We are specialized in BLOOD BANKS products.

We have two PATENTED products ;  

Blood Transport Bag (BTB) designed for safety transportation of blood components from Blood Centres to the hospitals blood banks or from hospitals blood banks to the operation rooms and patient services. This is an innovation of our company and  It has been producing and marketing since 2001. It is widely used in Turkey by most of the hospitals blood banks, blood centers and by Turkish Redcressent.   We are also exporting the product to the European and other worldwide countries. 

KÖK KİT is a kit which contains all the necessery equipments and disposibled for cryopreservation of collected stem cell, bone marrow and cord blood. We have been marketing this product in Turkey since 1998.

Amphi Ltd is representing as Turkiish distributor very important worlwide known companies which are leader of their area as: Ashland - Ljunberg&Kögel - Sarstedt -  Delta-t - Facet Technologies -  Wak Chemie GmbH - Sterilance - Alpha Scientific - Conroy Medical

Our company has the quality certificate of ISO 9001-2015 since 2005.