Blood Transport and Temparature Control

1.BTB® - Blood Transportation Bag

  • Biosafety of blood tranportation
  • Helps to protect safe temparature
  • Practical to use
  • Safe and economical product

Technical Information

 “BLOOD TRANSPORTATION BAG” is patented product of AMPHI A.S.  All rights are reserved.  

Designed to carry BLOOD or BLOOD COMPONENTS between blood banks and clinics in a safe and reliable manner. Ensures safe transportation with mechanical protection, biological safety and protection from inconsistent temperature .
BLOOD or BLOOD COMPONENTS should be placed into the bags only by authorized health staff. The opening is closed by double-adhesive tape. It can be opened only by cutting or shearing it off. 
If desired, cooling elements specially designed for blood transportation can be placed into the bags depending on the temperature requirements of the components, the distance to be shipped, blood component type and external temperature. 
Carries maximum 2 whole blood bags or 4 platelet or erythrocyte or plasma bags.(capacity is 1000 mL/bag )


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