Technical Data

Fiochetti Kan saklama d.Fiochetti Blood storage cabinets; It is produced from a special material that is resistant to rust and abrasion with white coloured bacteriostatic activity inside and outside, or optionally 18/10 AISI 304 standard stainless steel inner body and outer body are coated with special white bacteriostatic material suitable for use in health. The polyurethane thickness used for insulation is 60 mm. Telescopically sliding aluminium shelves can be adjusted to the preferred height. All kinds of audible and visual security alarms are available and alarms continue to be recorded in case of power failure. It has a DMPL digital monitor. There is a 12-hour safety battery in case of power cuts. It has an SD card that stores data and graphics for 5 years. Data transfer can be done to PC with RS 232 or removable SD card. It has an outer board for dry contact. It has an automatic defrost system. There are models with different capacities ranging from 126 L (21 450 ml blood bags) to 1355 L (672 450 ml blood bags). It is produced in 93/42 CE Class IIa standards.