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Meet Amphi!

Being one of the leading companies in the medical field since its establishment in 1994, Amphi A.Ş has been specialising in the field of Blood Centres. It supplies devices for blood banks and consumables that create bio safety in blood banks through companies that have proven their quality around the world, supported with high quality after-sale services for all medical devices it markets to its clients. Amphi has always been a leader in its field for which it provides services with the innovative products it has introduced to the market.

Outstanding Achievement over Time!

Our company has two PATENTED products;

Blood Transplant Bag® (BTB) is produced by our company and is used by many Blood Centres, especially by the centres run by Turkish Red Crescent. BTB ensures the safe transportation of blood components between centres or hospital services. Sales and marketing activities for this product that is also exported abroad have been going on since 2001.

KÖKKİT ® is a kit that contains all the materials and chemicals necessary for the cryopreservation of harvested stem cells, bone marrow and cord. It allows the stem cells to be frozen in an enclosed system. This product has been sold and marketed in Turkey since 1998.

Our company is the authorized Turkey distributor of many companies that are world leaders in medical products that they manufacture.

Some of the companies for which we act as the distributor are Ashland - Ljunberg&Kögel - Sarstedt - Delta-T - Wak Chemie GmbH - Sterilance - Alpha Scientific.

Our company has ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System Certificate.

Our company has TSE Service Adequacy Certificate.

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