Technical Data

Blood Transport Bag (BTB) is designed to be used for short-term transportation of blood and blood components sent from regional blood centres to hospitals’ blood and transfusion centres, or from hospitals’ blood and transfusion centres to services. Its contribution to the blood and blood centres can be listed as follows:

1. Helps ensure that a safe temperature range during transport is provided
2. Help ensure that the blood transfusion bag can be opened irreversibly only through its perforated part once it has been sealed.
3. Allows detailed descriptive information about the departure point of the blood, such as the date and time and the name and address destination hospital, etc.,
4. Comes with all important warnings and/or attentions already printed on the bag,
5. Provides Bio safety,
6. Provides physical protection,
7. Allows a detailed observation to be made on the blood and blood components for the final time prior to their transportation