Technical Data

Although it is rarely seen, transfusion-induced graft versus host disease (GVHD) is a side effect of blood transfusion and usually such cases result in death. Some patients in specific categories, such as those who have had a bone marrow transplant, have solid tumours and T cell defects, are more likely to develop GVHD. TA-GVHD can be prevented by irradiation of blood components pre-transfusion procedure. The RAD-SURE beam indicator, developed by the ISP, provides visual detection of correct exposure. Rad-Sure indicators are used with cesium-137 or cobalt 60 radiation source, XR, or irradiation devices that use the same or greater energy. It is adhered to the Blood Components before irradiation. When the irradiation process is completed successfully, the text "NOTE" on the label disappears. The relevant part turns black.